Oxbow 옥스보우 Timothy Club Twists Small Animal Treats, 6 count

Oxbow 옥스보우 Timothy Club Twists Small Animal Treats, 6 count

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Give your small pet a fun, interactive toy that will provide healthy fiber and an enriching, mentally-stimulating activity with the Oxbow Timothy Club Twists Small Animal Treats. Small pets like Guinea Pigs, rabbits and chinchillas need hay to aid in digestion and keep teeth trim. They also need mental stimulation to relieve stress and prevent boredom.Oxbow Timothy Club Twists Small Animal Treats meets both of these needs. They comes in fun twists that can be hung in the habitat for your pet to paw and bat. And it's made of 100 percent timothy hay that is 100 percent edible and free of chemicals, wire and thread.

Key Benefits
  • This product is made to be 100% edible in construction. Your little furry friend will be able to eat and sleep in one place!
  • This tasty treat is high in fiber and will help your pet keep a healthy digestion system.
  • Made with the finest Timothy Hay available, this is a 100% all natural product that is as good for the environment as it is for your pet.
  • Designed with no wires, thread or chemicals. Perfect alternative to plastic enclosures.
  • Uniquely manufactured as this commodity is woven by hand and is made to encourage your pet's natural movements and curiosity.

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Nutritional Info

100% Timothy hay.